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Greatmoor Energy from Waste

I’m very excited that my exhibition at Greatmoor EfW in Buckinghamshire will open this Saturday and be running over 2 weeks. My interest in sites such as Greatmoor has been a consistent theme throughout my work from the recycling facilities in Coventry and Oxford to abandoned cement works, Didcot power station and the production lines at BMW Oxford. I like to take complex structures and make them visually interesting to a wide audience.

Greatmoor (Energy from Waste) is an impressive yet hidden part of Buckinghamshire’s landscape. The facility combines a strong architectural presence with a commitment to community and environmental benefits. Greatmoor treats up to 300,000 tonnes of residual (non-recyclable) waste, diverting it from landfill and generating 22MW of electricity in the process.

Last year Greatmoor commissioned 6 paintings from me, giving me the chance to present this facility in a previously unseen light and to celebrate its endeavours.

Once I finish paintings I am always keen that they go on display in the environment which they depict. Art in the workplace helps to engage both external audiences and employees allowing them to see these environments that often face all sorts of challenges in a new and positive light. The Greatmoor paintings will be going on display at the facility itself as part of Bucks Art Weeks.

Greatmoor Exterior - Sarah Moncrieff

I have had wonderful support for this project. Bill Chapple OBE, Buckinghamshire County Council's Cabinet Member for Planning & Environment, has said: "Sarah Moncrieff's remarkable pictures let us see Greatmoor in a new way, showing how the infrastructure that makes modern life possible has cultural as well as practical importance."

Gillian Sinclair, Head of Development of the UK Energy Division for FCC, who operate the Greatmoor plant on behalf of the County Council, added: "I am really excited to have Sarah’s wonderful paintings on show here at Greatmoor. Her work brings industrial facilities like Greatmoor to a new audience in an imaginative and original way."

The exhibition will be open to the public over eight days this June for Bucks Art Weeks 2018 as follows: June 9th-10th, 14-17th, and 21st-22nd. To enable visitors to experience the building that inspired the paintings there will be a guided tour each day at 2.00pm and I will be there throughout to talk about my work.

You can get more details on the Greatmoor website

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