The British Motor Museum Exhibition

An exhibition of my paintings of car plant interiors begins at The British Motor Museum next Thursday 16th August and runs until the end of September. I have a particular interest in innovation, technology, our vision of the industrial future and how these facets of modern life are presented in an ever-changing landscape. The car industry is rapidly innovating and presenting exciting new technologies to the world and my work is focused on capturing these new and significant

Jaguar Land Rover live painting

What an amazing opportunity to spend Saturday painting on the manufacturing floor at Jaguar Land Rover in Solihull as part of their weekend festival. The experience of working from my subject matter in situ was so different to working in my studio. The colours and the structures seemed enhanced and the sounds of the machines and the robots added to the intensity of the experience. I’d love to do it again and spend more time there. In the meantime, I’m finishing the painting o

Jaguar Land Rover

Continuing my series of car factory interiors I have been commissioned to undertake a live painting event at Jaguar Land Rover in Solihull this weekend to celebrate their 70th anniversary. I have already visited the body parts manufacturing floor, a fascinating interior of complex horizontal and vertical structures with some imposing robots and eerie Land Rover skeletons. I'm really looking forward to the challenge of trying to capture the essence of the place in just one day

Bucks Artweeks

It’s been a really interesting experience at my Bucks Artweeks exhibition at Greatmoor EfW this week. Visitors have been keen to see my artistic interpretation of Greatmoor but also showed great interest and enthusiasm for Greatmoor itself. Greatmoor energy statistics are impressive. 900 tonnes of waste are processed each day and the facility produces 27 mega watts of power, 24 of which are fed to the grid, enough to power 40,000 homes or 60% of the houses in Oxford. What

Greatmoor Energy from Waste

I’m very excited that my exhibition at Greatmoor EfW in Buckinghamshire will open this Saturday and be running over 2 weeks. My interest in sites such as Greatmoor has been a consistent theme throughout my work from the recycling facilities in Coventry and Oxford to abandoned cement works, Didcot power station and the production lines at BMW Oxford. I like to take complex structures and make them visually interesting to a wide audience. Greatmoor (Energy from Waste) is an imp

Making a mark

Watching the Big Painting Challenge on BBC 1 this Sunday I was pleased to hear mentor Pascal Anson refer to mark making and asking participants not to make marks for the sake of it but to make marks with the paint that “mean something”. This is a difficult but important concept to grasp. It is easy to give in to a desire to splash the paint on without really considering its impact and asking yourself important questions such as what colour and which brush should I use? and ho