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Sarah's courses


Sarah teaches drawing and painting to adults in various venues in Oxfordshire. She has been teaching for over 15 years and has a loyal body of students, some of whom have been with her for many years.


Her approach to teaching is to allow each student to discover, explore and develop their own skills and style of painting and drawing.


Examples of students work  




"Winter field" John Daniel

"After Hockney" Alistair Williams

"Landscape" by Shirley Collins


What Sarah's students say:


“I have attended many courses over the years but Sarah’s are the most professional I have been to” Lady Marie Stubbs

“Brilliant class, I now have the confidence to paint and draw”

“A very knowledgeable tutor who gives invaluable advice and support”


Sarah runs 10 week courses in the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms in Woodstock, North Oxford and Witney.  She takes students of all abilities and students can join at any time throughout the year. She regularly puts on exhibitions of her students work.


If you would like to discuss joining her class or would like more information about her courses and how to join please email Sarah 

"Oxford" by Petra Heenan




Sarah has been teaching for over 10 years and runs drawing and painting courses for adults in Oxfordshire.

Through her teaching she aims to allow students to explore and develop their own way of drawing and painting, encouraging the creation of their own individual style.

She has put on exhibitions of her student’s work.

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