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The British Motor Museum Exhibition

An exhibition of my paintings of car plant interiors begins at The British Motor Museum next Thursday 16th August and runs until the end of September.

I have a particular interest in innovation, technology, our vision of the industrial future and how these facets of modern life are presented in an ever-changing landscape. The car industry is rapidly innovating and presenting exciting new technologies to the world and my work is focused on capturing these new and significant developments.

In 2015, I was invited in to the BMW factory in Oxford (formerly British Leyland) which manufactures the Mini and from that visit I produced a series of paintings of the production of the Mini and the interior of the factory. In May 2018, I was invited by Jaguar Land Rover to do a live painting event during their open weekend. The two paintings I made from that event are also on show.

The car industry plays a big part in the lives of people in the Gaydon area and these paintings portray both the developments in this industry as well as the work environment for many people in the local area. The exhibition reflects the Museum’s philosophy of preserving Britain’s motoring heritage and sharing its story with the nation.

This painting depicts the shell of a Land Rover, produced in the body shop at Solihul.

Jaguar Land Rover Interior 2

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